Thursday, April 29, 2010

The perfect storm

On tuesday I guided the lower Yuba with rain in the forcast my clients were still rearing to fish. When I left my house in Grass Valley the rain was coming down, as I drove west on Hwy. 20 the rain started to decrease. I met my clients at 8am under the Hwy 20 bridge as planed and the rain had stoped for the time being. I launched my drift boat and started the day of fishing. The flows were up around 2300 cfs a little high but not to bad the water color was on the green side with about 3 to 4 feet of visibility. My one client Al is pretty green to fly fishing so I stopped on a sliver of an island to give him some casting lessons, I sent my other client John over to fish a side channel. With in a few minutes I heard owe *#*$&$ I just missed one and then heard all right I got one, few minutes latter landed a nice 16" hen. We stayed there for about 20 more minutes as I gave Al some more lessons, John hooked up on a couple more fish. We floated down river with a mixture of mist and rain with some small wind gust up to 10 to 15 mph. John had the hot stick for th day as Al was trying to learn how to cast, mend and find his indacator that kept going under water and was wondering why I kept yelling Al set!!! Then all hell broke lose rain, wind gust of 30 + mph that did not stop poor Al had one hell of a time. Thank god we only had about a mile of river left. Although we had wind a rain John ended up getting into eight fish and he even let his buddy Al fight a few fish landing one for himself. Good job Al

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